About Us

Owner of Skattkistan in Strömstad since January 1th, 2019 is Pernille Silfverberg / AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB.

Pernille is originally Danish and married to Norwegian Gunnar Silfverberg Utgaard. Pernille and Gunnar both have maritime backgrounds as Ship's Officers on large sailing vessels. After a long career at sea, they settled together on the farm Rörmyr, one mile south of Strömstad, Norra Bohuslän, Sweden.
Since 2019 you'll find AngoraGarnet's products, yarn och knitting design; Silfverberg Design and Bohus Stickning, in Skattkistan in Strömstad.

Pernille has great interest in handicraft of all kinds.
With roots in both Denmark and Norway, it feels quite natural to continue to run Skattkistan in Strömstad in the fashion it has been since 1986.

Skattkistan in Strömstad: Nordic Artisanal Handicraft & Applied Art